As Kingfishers Catch Fire.jpg

For some stellar sermons from my main man Eugene.

Eugene Peterson has been one of the most influential humans for my faith and my theology. I’m currently working through this collection of sermons, which works its way through the Bible, and I’ve been enthralled. Peterson is a genius, but his words are super accessible and filled with light and grace.

This is an excellent book for devotions!

Waterbrook (2017)

Strength to Love.jpg

For prophetic words on love.

This is a book I find myself returning to over and over again. All of these sermons, letters, and speeches were written during the Civil Rights Movement, and they are astounding in their beauty and thoughtfulness. Another great book for devotions, and an essential book to understand King and his worldview.

Fortress Press (2010)

Name of God is Mercy.jpg

For radical mercy.

There were multiple times I had to stop reading and just think about what he said. Truly, in my opinion, an essential read to understand what theology looks like when it is accessible. He doesn’t rely on huge words or fancy jargon; rather, he presents the love of God in a common language we can all understand.

Random House (2016)

The Listening Life.jpg

For learning how to listen well.

This book. Man oh man, this book rocked me. I don’t know why it’s not a bestseller—if I ever get the chance to republish this book I will. I read this during a time of seeking, unsure what it meant to follow Jesus well in a world full of yelling. It graciously woke me up to the beauty of listening. Please, please, please pick this up!

InterVarsity Press (2015)