20 Pieces of Big Brother Advice

One time I was a substitute computer teacher for two classes of sixth and seventh graders. I taught them and talked with them and hung out with them for three weeks. When the end came, I felt like an honorary older brother. And, as all good older brothers do, I wanted to leave them with some advice:


Drew Brown’s Big Brother Advice


1.     Know what the words vigorous and fervent mean, and apply them to your life.

2.     It’s always a beautiful day.

3.     It’s okay to cry. It’s even better to cry with somebody.

4.     Our flaws make us beautiful.

5.     A true friend will think you’re one of the weirdest people to ever exist.

6.     Put people first. People before grades. People before money. People before schedules.

7.     Spend time in nature. God created it.

8.     Find your passion. Worship God in it.

9.     Make good grades but don’t make them your life.

10. Read your Bible. Pray. Go to church. Pray that you will learn to love God more through these.

11. Find an outlet for your feelings. Write it. Sing it. Play it.

12. Keep your family close. Hug them often. And your family may not be your relatives.

13. Know where you come from. That doesn’t define who you are, though.

14. Be friendly to everyone, but focus on a few.

15. Don’t celebrate the touchdown. Act like you’ve been there before.

16. Life is full of legatos and staccatos; it combines opposites to form one song.

17. People are different: love them anyway. Life is sometimes scary: love it anyway.

18. Be an optimist.

19. Hold on to hope. Stare into the face of Jesus.

20. You are beautiful, and God loves you vigorously and fervently.


Have any you would add? I would love to hear!