This One's For the Nice Guys

This one is for the nice guys.

For those of us who don’t know all the best pick-up lines and spend Friday nights playing board games with our families.

This one is for the older brothers who skip prom for little sisters’ piano recitals. For those who endure nail polish and wet willies in the name of being good younger brothers. For the guys who make it home to family dinners and do the dishes afterwards.

For the guys who kiss their grandmothers on the cheek and look people in the eye. This is for honesty and respect and doing what’s right.

This is for the guys who are committed. For those of us who ask her on a date before consulting any of her friends. For the ones who get nervous and feel the butterflies. And for the ones who saddle each and every butterfly and ride them for more than eight seconds of insane courage.

This one’s for the guys who tell the girl “I like you.” This one’s for the perpetual friends, for the “you’re like a brother to me,” for the guys who like girls who don’t “want to ruin the friendship.”

Because being a nice guy isn’t dependent on the answer. It’s dependent on the man inside the man. And we are men.

This is for those guys.

And we are not alone. There are other nice guys out there now. Being polite, holding doors open, being good friends.

We get thrown under the rug amidst the flashy guys and the cocky guys and the guys who act really smart. But here, under the rug, we will exist. And when one of the other guys kicks the rug up and folds it over, we will patiently flatten it out again so that no one will trip.

Why? Because we’re nice guys. And we want to.


Here’s to you.