The Bible According to "The Office"

When Adam first met Eve.

After Adam ate the fruit.

The Fall.

Old Testament Genealogies.

Moses at the burning bush.

When the Israelites cross the Red Sea and escape the Egyptians.

Me after successfully finishing Leviticus.

The Israelites trying to hold up their end of the covenant.


Esther walking into the king’s chambers uninvited.

Nathan when David realizes he’s the sinner.

Song of Solomon.

Daniel and the lions’ den.

God sending Jesus into the world.

John the Baptist.

The disciples during the storm in the boat when Jesus is sleeping.

Zacchaeus before he met Jesus.

The disciples listening to Jesus’s parables.

The pharisees seeing Jesus doing all these miracles.

White washed tombs.

Angels rejoicing over one sinner who repents.

The rich young ruler when Jesus tells him to sell everything.

Lazarus after coming back to life.

The Romans on Friday.

The Romans on Sunday.

Mary after seeing the empty tomb.

Thomas after seeing Jesus’s scars.

Paul’s horse on the way to Damascus.

Saul after becoming Paul and meeting with the church leaders.

Me reading Romans.

When Paul finds out the Galatians want to bring back circumcision.