I Am A House On Fire

I am a house on fire.

                  Love runs right in.

                  Runs right in.


I am a broken wing.

                  Joy builds a splint.

                  Builds a splint.


I am an empty choir.

                  Peace hums a song.

                  Hums a song.


I am a crashing wave.

                  Patience lets me land.

                  Lets me land.


I am a caustic runaway.

                  Kindness leaves a light.

                  Leaves a light.


I am a strip-mined mountain.

                  Goodness plants a tree.

                  Plants a tree.


I am a shouting pundit.

                  Gentleness waits to speak.

                  Waits to speak.


I am a book abandoned.

                  Faithfulness reads each word.

                  Reads each word.


I am a Roman circus.

                  Self-control drives me home.

                  Drives me home.


I am empty.

                  But being filled.