Brief Thoughts on Good Friday

"You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book."
-Psalm 56:8

I was just reading the crucifixion story and was thinking about Jesus' power. They taunted him, telling him to save himself from the cross. He could have. With a snap he could have killed all of his attackers--everyone who flogged him and humiliated him and whipped him and spit on him and mocked him. Everyone, in an instant.

But he didn't. He stayed. He chose to display weakness in order to save all of us from sin and from suffering.

Today when I read it, I began thinking about my own hurts and weaknesses. I thought about all the times I've wondered why God wouldn't just take them away from me. Just snap his fingers and kill all the pain that so easily hits me.

I believe he can.

But if Jesus was willing to die in weakness for the world to recognize his goodness, why can't I live into weakness for the world to recognize his goodness, too?

Luckily, as Christians, we know the end of the story--we know that Friday is necessary for Sunday to exist. But we live in a Saturday world. Stuck in between. Already-but-not-yet. We know there is ultimate healing and ultimate laughter, but we live in a world of hurt and tears.

We each have our own hurts and our own tears.

But perhaps the goal isn't proving to people how perfect we can be, but, like Jesus, showing our weakness and how we serve a God who keeps track of all our sorrows, who collects all our tears in bottles, who records each of them in his book.

We serve a God who saves in weakness.