“This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it.”
— Marilynne Robinson, "Gilead"

There’s so much that passes before our eyes each week. So many headlines and titles shouting at us, “I’M IMPORTANT! READ ME!” There are very few words that provide rest, very few places we can go to because we want to—we go so many places online because we feel obligated to.

My prayer is that my words can be a place for you to rest and feel filled up. That’s why I’m starting a semi-weekly email series this summer pulling together articles and poems, art and words, songs and videos that I find life-giving and edifying. Maybe you’ll like it too!

Also, I love collecting second- and third-copies of books I own and love. I have about seventy of them right now, and I want my online friends to have them. Each week, I’ll be giving away five books to email subscribers—all you have to do is pay for shipping. The only catch is that you tell me what you thought when you finish them!

If you’d be interested in being a part of a community like this, would you sign up below?

your friend and your fan,